Brian Ford Scientist


Based at the Evolutionary Biology and Ecology-themed Dennehy Lab of Queens College, his doctoral research focused on extending and expanding the Pseudomonas bacteriophage Φ6 model system. Three related, but distinct, projects were carried out:

  1. Genetic mutations involved in host range expansion
  2. Non-genetic host-acquired factor impacting virus fitness on subsequent infections
  3. Host traits affecting virus fitness

Predicted 3D model of Φ6's P3 gene highlighting point mutations enabling infection of the novel host, Pseudomonas pseudoalcaligenes ERA. [*]


Population Council microbicide informational pamphlet

Prior to commencing his doctoral studies, Brian worked for the Transgenics Core of the GENSAT Project at Rockefeller University—which aimed to map the central nervous system of the mouse—and then at the Population Council on Microbicide development. Concurrent to his work at the Population Council, Brian earned an MS in Biology from the NYU Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. His undergraduate degree in Ecology & Organismal Biology is from Bard College.